Maud Pie or Maudimina "Diana" Pie is one of Pinkie Pie's sisters and she will be voiced by Jenny Nicholson.

Bio Edit

Maud's only thing she can think and talk about is rocks, and will never think or talk about anything else as she is having the love for rocks and doesn't like candy but loves Pinkie Pie. She speaks in a deadpan nasal voice; making her sound like Raven from Teen Titans.

Relatives Edit

She has three sisters named Pinkie Pie, Lemonade Pie and Gemstone Pie. She loves her sisters very much and is known to be acting like a sleepless pony. She was not seen in How We Got Our Cutie Mark, but her three sisters do. In Pinkie vs. Cheese; she appears as a filly in the picture Pinkie was looking when she was home.

Appearances Edit

Quotes Edit

"(deadpan) Rocks are brown, gray and black in variations. I like to mine all species of rocks in the years when I was a little filly. I found a single small rock and I named him Geo 'cause he was lost in a mineshack. You know why he's a male, 'cause I only state that."

— Maud Pie

"(deadpan) I have a pet and he doesn't talk, and his name is Geo."

— Maud Pie

"(deadpan) I don't like candy- but I love Pinkie Pie."

— Maud Pie

Trivia Edit

  • Maud's full name "Maudimina Diana Pie" suits well to Pinkie's full name, "Pinkamena Diane Pie".
  • Maud has a pet rock named Geo in this fan series, which is a reference to the Pokemon, Geodude.
  • Maud does not know how to think about other things besides rocks so Pinkie never teaches her.